May the 4th Be With MEW! Let These Kitties Help You Celebrate Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day! Let’s celebrate in the very best way possible – with kitties dressed as Star Wars characters! Gah. These are tooooo cute for words, and funny to boot!

Sweetest Kitty Princess Leia EVER

I dare you to show me a sweeter, or cuter Princess Leia than this gal.

Wait… Another Kitty Princess Leia!

Okay, okay… so this kitty Princess Leia is pretty sweet too.

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…And Another Kitty Princess Leia

…and so is this one! What’s with all of the kitty Princess Leias?

NOT a Kitty Princess Leia


I’m starting to wish I had a black persian cat just so I could do this to it, haha.

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Kitty Engines, Ignite!

Oh my gosh… could you imagine really being able to zoom around on one of these?


I think a combination of the flying kitties plus these pew pew kitties would be even better. Just imagine what would happen if someone cut you off on a highway.

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Chewbacca Kitty

Yes, I really, really should get a black persian cat.

Are You the Light Side or the Dark Side?

I’d almost be compelled to join the dark side if I got to see this kitty every day.

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Jabba the Hutt Cat

This list wouldn’t be complete without an epic Jedi kitten lightsaber battle.  😉


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