10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Bengal Cat!

Bengal cats are definitely a fun breed, but there are a few things about them that you might want to know if you’re asking yourself, “should I get a bengal cat?” Things such as, what are their eating and cat litter box habits? Do bengal cats shed? Are bengal cats wild?

I personally think they’re worth it, considering I own one.

Should I Get a Bengal Cat?

Here are the top 10 things to consider before getting a bengal cat:

They’re Very Smart… and Not So Smart All at the Same Time

Each cat is different, and bengal cats are no different in that regard.  I’ve owned two bengal cats personally, and they were as different as night and day!  The first one I owned was remarkably intelligent, while the one I currently own…  well, let’s just say he’s awfully cute.  He’s smart in his own way, though.  🙂

Bengal Cats Love to Poop

Sorry, but this is true.  It isn’t so much that they love to poop – but how PROUD they are about it.  There seems to be nothing that makes a bengal cat more proud than the fact that they’re pooping, and they’re going to let the entire household know about their achievement.

They Can Be Hyperactive

You’ve heard of cats getting the zoomies, but have you heard of bengal cats getting the zoomies?  You’ll have to see it to believe it.  They go into full-on poof mode.  Bengal cats definitely get their fair share of sleep, however.

Bengal Cats Love Water

If you become the owner of a bengal cat, don’t be surprised if one ends up in the shower or bathtub with you.  Just like any other cat, some will prefer water, while others won’t – but bengal cats are bred from asian leopard cats that have webbing between their paws to help them fish.

If you look at your bengal cat’s paws, don’t be surprised to find that the webbing may still exist.  Neat, huh?

They Love to Hear Their Own Voice

Yep, you’ll be happily sleeping at 3am, and all of a sudden, here it comes – the bengal cat power yodel.  Bengal cats have their own special variety of cheeps, meeps, purrs and yeowels.

Bengal Cats Have the BEST Personalities

There’s just something about a bengal cat’s personality.  They more than make their presence known, and in my experience, they can be absolute cuddle buddies.  As long as you’re good to them, they’ll show that love in abundance in return.  But like I said before, every cat IS different, and some will be more affectionate than others.

If you happen to own a bengal cat, tell us about your own experience below – what would you want a potential new bengal cat owner to be aware of before taking the plunge?


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