Cat Tattoo Designs That are Out of This World!

A lot of people get tattoos that mean something to them, so it’s no surprise that having a cat tattoo seems to be a pretty popular choice!

Sure, tattoos aren’t for everyone, but it’s always fun to see how other people have been inspired, and how their tattoos came out when all is said and done.  I have a cat tattoo myself, and the most fun part was sitting back and thinking about the type of design I wanted and the style I liked the best.

After all, this is something you’ll usually be left with for a lifetime, so it’s important to make sure that you’re happy with the results. Trust me on that one.

Check out some of these amazing cat tattoo finds. If you happen to have a cat tattoo, please share and we can add them below.


This Cat Tattoo Has Heart!

What a purrfect way to show your love for your most favorite feline by having a literal reminder of them drawn onto your skin so that you can see them any time!

I especially like how this cat tattoo has a heart surrounding the kitty.  Things that make you go “awww“, indeed.

What a great way to show that you hold your kitty close to your heart, even if the tattoo itself isn’t literally beside your heart – but hey, that’s something you can consider if you get your own.

cat tattoo

The Royal Pair

This cat tattoo set is especially nice thanks to all of the detail.  Would you ever get a matching set of tattoos on your own feet like this? I guess you could think of it as if your cats were helping lead the way with every step you take.

Keep in mind that foot tattoos can sometimes be one of the most painful because of the thinner skin in that area, and the sheer amount of bones.  Still worth it.

cat tattoo

Geometric Meow!

This is a more unique cat tattoo design, and look at the fantastic details the artist put into the cat’s eyes!  Again, what a great way to pay homage to the favorite cats in your life.

I admit if I had a cat tattoo for all of my favorite felines that I probably would run out of space pretty quickly.

You’ve gotta hand it to the artist for this one.  These geometric shapes aren’t exactly easy to pull off, and they did an incredible job blending it all together with the slight changes in color.

cat tattoo

Mesmerizing Gaze

You know how your cat sometimes just looks at you with that all-knowing gaze that lets you know they love you?  Well, this is it!

Ok, so my cat usually looks at me with more of a “what the heck are you doing this time?”, but I’m not sure if I’d want to have that tattooed on me.

But this cat tattoo design has captured the absolute purrfect expression that I think just about any cat lover would be very glad to share with the world. I mean, come on.  Just look at that face.

cat tattoo

Sailor Kitty, Reporting for Duty!

Instead of just having your cat tattooed on your body, why not combine some of your favorite interests along with them?  That’s what this person seemed to do, and the results are pretty fantastic.

I especially like the wide eyed expression and the ropes in the background. If I did this, I think I’d try to incorporate both crafts and kitties…  hmm!

A cute kitty with paint on paws smearing it about comes to mind since that seems like the most realistic result. How about you?

cat tattoo

Rainy Day, Here to Stay

This cat tattoo has kind of a nostalgic feeling to it, probably because it reminds me a lot of the Morton salt containers!

As we all know, most kitties aren’t exactly fans of water – so this definitely makes sense.  I also really dig the unique art style.

Rain, rain, go away…  little kitty wants to play! The rain can come out some other day.  In the far distant future.  Or never. (if cats got their say in the matter.)

cat tattoo

Bold and Bright

Speaking of unique art styles, this cat tattoo has it!  I really love the simple contrast of black and white, with the bold touch of red.  The smaller touches of blue and green as accents really add a nice finish.

Even better, this is the type of cat tattoo that can be extended as your time and budget allows.

This is also the kind of tattoo that looks really pretty and ornate at a distance, with the kitties being revealed if people come in for a closer view.

And trust me, that WILL happen if your tattoo is as nice as this one.

cat tattoo

Monocle on a Meow

Seriously, if you add a monocle on just about anything, it instantly adds a touch of sophistication.  What a dapper kitty, with a most perfect frame to complete the look.

This kind of cat tattoo looks both handsome and cute at the same time – so if you’re looking for something classy, you’ve found it.

There’s just something about this kind of tattoo that can appeal to just about anyone.  I personally think it’d be really cool to have a matching set that has a female kitty in similar attire somewhere else on your body.

cat tattoo

We Are Siamese

Do you have a certain song stuck in your head now after reading that?  I instantly hear that song every time I look at this tattoo, although I guess they aren’t technically siamese cats.  But that’s ok, the intent of this cat tattoo certainly comes across pretty strongly!

If this were to happen in real life, if two cats were actually conjoined – could you imagine the cat fights?  Meowza!

Here’s hoping that these two were simply very close siblings that the owner felt would best be memorialized as an inseparable pair.  If I were to do this for my own two cats, I’d have to have them tattooed as a tangled, fighting mess because there’s no way they’d want to spend eternity together!

cat tattoo

Sir Kitty

See?  I told you that adding a monocle instantly adds a nice touch of class!  This one takes the detail a step further, and has a much more subtle color scheme.

I can’t quite decide which of the two monocle meows I like the best.  Which one do you like?

I’d also like to note that these darker color schemes aren’t always easy for the tattoo artist to master, so if you decide to with something similar, be sure to check out the tattoo artist’s prior work.

You want to make sure this is something that they’re capable of handling.

cat tattoo

Purrfect Ending

This last one isn’t a tattoo of a cat, but a tattoo WITH a cat because it seemed like such a fitting way to end this article.  No wonder people are so inspired to honor their cats with a tattoo – one look at this image shows how very much they add to our lives.

Excuse me.  I have two kitties in the background as I write this that have been patiently waiting for their own pats and rubs.  But they most likely just want food.  That’s usually the case anyway…  especially for my old little lady who begs for wet food at precisely 5pm every. Single. Day.

She also happens to be the cat I have on my very own tattoo.  It only makes sense because I’ve had her for close to twenty years now, and she just keeps going!  Here’s hoping for twenty more.

cat tattoo
Credit:  Twitter


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