Stubby ‘Kitty Cankles’ Photos Are Making Cat Lovers Grin Ear to Ear

Did you know kitty cankles are a thing? People are posting photos of cat cankles, and they’re glorious. If you’d never heard about kitty cankles before, you’re in for a treat.

Most people are already familiar with the term, ‘cankles’, where the end of a leg doesn’t taper in and gives a somewhat stocky appearance. It isn’t always admired in humans, but cats with cankles? That’s an entirely new situation altogether–an adorable one, at that.

Cat Lovers are Sharing Photos of Kitty Cankles

I mean, just look at these cat cankles and try not to smile–and then scroll down to see even more of the cutest kitty cankles ever, thanks to Reddit.

Reddit white cat with kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles


cat cankles

There is an entire subreddit named kittykankles that is solely dedicated to sharing photos of cats with the cutest, thickest legs ever. We’ve collected a few of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. You can thank us later.

Tabby Cat Kitty Cankles

smooshy grey tabby cat cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

I think this kitty’s stripes perfectly accentuate how lovely and round his cat cankles are.

Tuxedo Cat Kitty Cankles

Reddit tuxedo dwarf cat with kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

This kitty clearly always arrives wearing his best, and you have to admit that his adorable cat cankles help add a little extra flair.

Brown Tabby Cat Kitty Cankles

Reddit tabby cat cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

These cat cankles are absolutely fantastic. Look at how perfectly poised the paw on the right is.

Orange Persian Cat Kitty Cankles

Reddit orange kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

What’s even better than a kitty cankle? A FLUFFY KITTY CANKLE.

Orange Speckled White Cat Kitty Cankles

orange and white cat with kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

I really like how this kitty only has orange patches around her cat cankles. I think it adds a certain, special charm.

Patched Tabby Cat Kitty Cankles

kitty with socks cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

Aww, it looks like one of this kitty’s socks is starting to slip down! That makes his kitty cankles even more adorable.

Grey Cat Kitty Cankles

grey kitty cat cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

Look at how shiny and healthy these cat cankles look! I think it’s a shame that such pretty paws ever have to touch cat litter.

Russian Blue Cat Kitty Cankles

grey cat with kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

I admit it. Grey kitties have a special place in my heart–and these grey kitty cankles fill me with all sorts of joy.

Grey Patched Tabby Cat Kitty Cankles

grey and white tabby cat cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

Look at how far the bedclothes are getting pushed down from the sheer weight of these glorious kitty cankles!

Cream Kitty Cat Cankles

cream cat cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

So cankles. So cute. So creamy.

Brown Tabby Kitty Cat Cankles

brown tabby cat kitty cankles
Reddit | r/kittykankles

Here’s another set of brown tabby cat kitty cankles, because why not?

We hope you enjoyed these kitty cankles as much as we did. If you’d like to see more, may we suggest these jerk cats, who are just as adorable?

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