When My Cat Has to POOP…

When my cat has to poop, for some reason he thinks the entire WORLD needs to know.  Is anyone else’s kitty this incredibly proud of their natural bodily functions?

My cat is so silly that I had to find a way to show his pure enthusiasm over the entire ordeal.  I dedicate this in love, to my dearest Perkin – aka, peepee head.

when my cat has to poop

If Only He’d Use the Cat Litter Box Every Time

Although the above is mostly true, another true fact is that my boy will avoid using a cat litter box if it isn’t as clean as possible.  If your own cat has issues using their litter box, I have a few tips that may or may not work.  Believe me, I’ve tried them all.

If you have more than one cat, have more than one cat litter box available.  Although they might both share them, they really do prefer having options, and it can make a world of difference.

Clean the cat litter box daily.  I’m not kidding.  I know how easy it is to convince yourself that it can wait another day, but that favorite corner your cat likes to pee in probably can’t.  So get off your bottom and take five minutes to scoop le poop.

The last thing you need is for your cat to go missing because his or her owner couldn’t be bothered to clean a litter box. Right?

Avoid Scented Cat Litter.  This one took me entirely too long to figure out.  Cats have sensitive noses, and they don’t really need their cat litter to smell like sunshine, rain, and oranges.

That’s for your benefit, and you and I both know that it doesn’t make that much of a difference.  Opt for unscented, and your kitty might be more likely to actually use it.


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