Cats Caught Picking their Noses… with their Tongues!

Whenever you feel like you need to uhm…  clean your nose, then you’ll reach for the nearest tissue.  Most of the time, anyway.  But what do you do when you can’t physically use a tissue?  You do the best with what nature gave you, of course.

Read on to see how these cute kitties handle clearing their ow noses.  You might expect it to be gross, but it is actually pretty adorable.

Nose Pickers, Part 1

Wow, this first little lady really digs in deep!  Well, if that’s the best means you have to clean, then that’s the way you clean.  Know what I mean?

…and this guy almost looks like he’s listening to the most delightful of symphonies!

This kitten is smittin’…  with keeping his nose clean.


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