Cat Lovers are Knitting Tiny Cat Couches in Their Spare Time

Thanks to the free time some people are finding themselves with during the coronavirus lockdown, they’re spending it doing something really sweet for their cats…  knitting tiny crochet cat couches!

I can’t say I’ve ever thought to knit a tiny cat couch before, but these photos are definitely inspiring me to consider a new hobby. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with just a little yarn, a ton of extra time on your hands, and a big imagination?

two cats lay on crochet cat couches made by their owners
tiny cat couches

Cat Owners Are Making Kitty Couches and Crafts During their Free Time

For example, some of you might remember this amazing Japanese kitty headband. There are also even Reddit communities where people showcase their incredible crochet skills, which is where many of these adorable cat couches were found.

Not only are they showing off their knitting prowess, but they’re also taking the time to educate others and to provide patterns in case they’d like to try crocheting a cat couch of their very own. Many of the kitty couches featured here use this particular cat couch pattern.

Have you ever made a cat craft of your own before? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below, or you can even send us a photo of it if you’d like to share your amazing handiwork.

Are you ready to see some adorable cats laying on their comfy cat couches? I know I sure am!

Black Cat on an Orange Tiny Cat Couch

a sweet black cat lays on an orange crochet cat couch
Reddit | thisbusisempty

Ohhhhhhh, man. Check out how comfy this black kitty looks on his very own personal couch. I love how it even has a little throw blanket across the back of it!

Tabby Cat on a Green Tiny Cat Couch

a cute tabby cat lays on a green crochet cat couch
Reddit | StitcherUniverse

A petite couch for a petite kitty. And I’ve gotta say, I love that shade of green and I wish this couch either came in human-size or that I could shrink down to cuddle on it along with this adorable cat.

Black Cat on a Blue Tiny Cat Couch

a black cat stretches out on a crochet cat couch
Reddit | pooppoopmagoo

Awwwww, yes! This is what kitty heaven looks like, folks. All the room to stretch and relax to his heart’s content. Wait… do I spy a fur rug? This cat has its very own fur rug, to go with its very own blue crochet kitty couch. Talk about living the life!

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Tuxedo Persian Cat on a Grey Tiny Cat Couch

a tuxedo persian cat sits on a grey crochet cat couch
Reddit | livingdeadsquirrel

I can hear this cat saying, “Yes, look at me. I AM fantastic, thank you for noticing.” And I have to agree. He does look pretty darned fantastic sitting on his comfy grey couch with a matching orange… is that a doily? It kind of looks like a doily.

Black Kitten on a Teal Tiny Cat Couch

a black kitten lays on a light teal colored crochet cat couch
Reddit | katie22914

Even kittens can enjoy the comfort of their very own tiny cat couch. But to be fair, it looks like this little guy might have room to grow, and I’m not sure this couch will grow along with him. But let’s not worry about that for now.

Dilute Torbie Cat on a Multi-Colored Tiny Cat Couch

a sweet white and diluted tortie cat sits on a multicolored crochet cat couch
Reddit | dramawahoo

What is better than a torbie cat, you might ask? Obviously, a torbie couch to go along with the torbie cat is the correct answer. And would you look at that… it even has a dust ruffle, guys! A dust ruffle! I’m seriously impressed with this one.

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Tabby Cat on an Orange Tiny Cat Couch

a tabby cat sleeps on a yellow crochet cat couch
Reddit | Chaldene83

This kitty’s owner knows their complementary colors! Yellow and purple absolutely go together, and when you toss in such an obviously comfortable tabby cat, you’ve achieved purrfection.

On a side note, I wonder how cat owners are able to prevent their loving kitties from scratching these adorable cat catches to smithereens? Because my cats totally would. No questions asked. They would absolutely destroy it.

Orange Persian Cat on a Blue Multi-Colored Tiny Cat Couch

orange persian cat on a crochet cat couch
Instagram | wolvyncreations

Oh my. Check out this orange beauty! She knows how pretty she is, too. Just look at that pretty face. She knows she deserved this incredibly pretty cat couch and doesn’t it nicely match her fur just so? You know she posed that paw to be perfectly placed.

Tabby and White Cat on a Dark Blue Tiny Cat Couch

an adorable tabby and white cat lalys on a dark blue crochet cat couch
Instagram | piakico

Awww… this kitty is a cutie. And check this custom cat couch, or rather, this custom cat L-couch! I’m so impressed with how the owner gave their kitty the option to extend their legs if they so choose.

I also love how the dark navy blue couch and multi-colored throw blanket really brings out the color of the kitty’s fur.

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Orange Tabby Cat on a Cream-Colored Tiny Cat Couch

an orange tabby cat with a missing ear lays on a cream colored crochet cat couch
Instagram | my_knotty_hobby

Does this cat have only one ear? Because it looks like this cat has only one ear, and he is still so perfectly cute even without it. I love how the muted orange of the cat couch matches so very well with his vibrant orange tabby fur. His owner did good.

Tortoiseshell Cat on a Cream-Colored Tiny Cat Couch

a tortie girl lays on a cream colored crochet cat couch
Instagram | my_knotty_hobby

Guys, this is what a content kitty looks like, I’m tellin’ ya. And it looks like this tiny cat couch has been placed on top of a bigger cat couch–because you know that all couches actually belong to the cat and not the cat owner.

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Dilute Orange and White Persian Cat on a Green Tiny Cat Couch

an orange and white persian cat lays on a green crochet cat couch
Instagram | dan.ger.crane

Goodness gracious, by golly. Look at the incredible detail that this cat’s owner put into crocheting this personal kitty couch. I’m a really big fan of this color scheme and I kind of wish I had that blanket all for myself. Of course, my cats would try to steal it, like they do every blanket I own, but hey.

If you’ve reached the end of all of these marvelous cat couches, I have to give you extra credit. That’s a whole lot of cute you just had to take in! I just have one last piece of advice.

If you decide to knit something for your cat, I do not suggest knitting a cat litter box. That should go without saying though. Probably.

And wouldn’t you know it? This could make for the perfect mother’s day gift, granted, there isn’t a lot of time left for that… which means you’d better start knitting right meow.

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