The Story of Titan, the Tiny Kitten Who Lived

Let us tell you the story of Titan!  Imagine finding a tiny kitten not much larger than a PENNY. That is exactly what happened when this wee kitten was found, weighing in at only 40g.  The odds of a kitten this small actually making it is incredibly low.

The person who found it said she couldn’t believe something so tiny could still be alive, and took photos to show her vet because she was too scared to move the tiny kitten around.

Look at this Tiny Kitten!

tiny kitten

A library card for comparison:
tiny kitten

A vet told her not to get her hopes up, as they’d never seen a kitten that small before. She had to come to terms with the fact that the tiny kitten probably wouldn’t make it, but decided to give it her best shot, and good thing she did!

The kitten was named Titan, so that he could live or die as a Titan. She and her boyfriend then took shifts feeding the kitten every hour, stimulating his bowels and making sure he stayed comfortable. At this point, the tiny kitten never made any noise and could barely move around.


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