What Cats Do On Sundays, a Poem… by a Cat

What do cats do on Sundays, when their owners go to pray?
Do they sit and wait in sadness while their parents are away?
Or do they take advantage of this time for extra play?

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Well, here’s what this cat has to say:

You know that precious item you keep upon your mantle?
That’s considered mine now, completely free to dismantle!
That pile of socks you left so defenseless and alone?
There’s a very good reason you can never find its clone

Those bare kitchen countertops, so clean and oh so pristine,
They’re purrfect for my litter-covered paws, yeah… I know that’s mean
But maybe you’ll think twice before you scold me the next time,
That way, I’ll have less reason to commit my kitty crimes

Oh look, I found your favorite shoes, what a purrfect place to hide
My regurgitated vomit from last night’s stolen bite of pie
I made sure to aim it towards the toe, ‘coz that’s where I believe
You’ll notice it most the next morning when you’re about to leave

Look at that basket of various fruits, you’d better believe I licked’em
And I made sure to do it after I licked my own… ahem.
Know this is done out of love, to help boost your immunity,
Which is also the reason I thoughtfully choose where to pee

So, what cats do on Sundays is based on your own behavior
Remember that for next time, or perhaps you should sign a waiver
To allow your cat to have a taste of something more than boring kibble
To forgive them if they scratch you, even if it was on your nipple

Because there is something that really matters
Even more than headbutts and pitter-patters
The love you share, each and every day…
but you’d better watch out for those Sundays!

If you enjoyed this little poem, be sure to check out a few more of our Ittykitty sillies. Even better, tell us about some of the little naughty things your own cats have done while you were away, in the comments below or on Facebook.  🙂


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