Master Cat Thieves Caught in Photos!

If there’s one thing all cat owners know, it is that their cats think they’re all master cat thieves.  They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want, and it is kind of hilarious how they’ll try to act stealthy when they’re obviously… not so stealthy.  That’s part of why we love them, right?  They certainly keep us laughing!

If you want to keep on laughing, browse through these adorable photos of master cat thieves in the making.

Master Cat Thieves

16.  Paws for Pepperoni

master cat thieves

Isn’t it funny how they always stick out that one little paw, reach reach reaching, tap tap tapping until they think they’ve got a chance to grab grab grab?

15. Candy Paws is Here!

master cat thieves

Note:  Don’t give your cat chocolate.  Besides that, you have to give this little guy credit for being so creative!

14.  Baby Steps…  er, Stretches

master cat thieves

I mean, babies kind of come with milk, and cats kind of like milk – so what did you expect?

13.  Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaaan?

master cat thieves

Not even Frosty is safe from kitty clutches!  Ok, so maybe we should give the kitty the benefit of a doubt and assume he was just trying to help.  Because they’re always just trying to help, right?

12.  When You Wish for a Fish

master cat thieves

Then you grab that fish, no matter how giant – and run for you life away from the fisherman.  The fisherman who is probably laughing maniacally at the cat struggling to run away with a fish twice it’s size.


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