Bride Throws Cat Instead of Flowers at Her Wedding for a Good Cause

When this bride decided to get married, she didn’t want to do it the old-fashioned way. Why throw flowers when you can throw a cat instead? So that’s what she did.

bride throws cat toy instead of flowers
Karen Marmo

Bride Throws a Cat Instead of a Bouquet to Wedding Guests

One of the most standard wedding traditions is the throwing of a bouquet of flowers to determine who will be the next to get married. But Karen Marmo, who is known for being a huge cat lover, had another idea in mind.

Karen has two kitties of her own at home named Catbug and Luna. Unfortunately, they were unable to attend the wedding. Because of this, Karen decided that she’d like to include a fun way to honor them.

Catbug and Luna
Karen Marmo | Catbug and Luna

And how did she do it? Instead of throwing flowers, the bride decided to throw a plush cat toy instead.

But there was a “catch” to the catch. She asked whoever was lucky enough to capture the plush cat toy bouquet to become the next person to adopt a real cat.

“I thought it’d be a fun way to include everyone regardless of gender or marital status, and it was very ‘me’ since everyone knows I’m obsessed with cats,” said Karen.

Since everyone seemed receptive to the idea, Karen bought a Pusheen cat toy for the special event and started to plan everything out.

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Wedding Day Guests ‘Jump’ For Chance to Adopt a New Feline Friend

When the big day arrived, Karen was more than ready to toss her plushy new friend into the crowd of wedding guests standing around in anticipation behind her. However, there was some irony involved and things didn’t quite go as planned.

“The person who caught it was my friend, Emma,” said Karen. “She didn’t mean to catch it since she’s allergic. Guests fumbled the stuffed animal and it landed on her when she was shielding her face. I donated to my local shelter to make up for it.”

bride holds plush cat
Karen Marmo

Even so, it was clear that everyone loved what the bride was trying to accomplish, and hopefully, this can help encourage more brides to do the same in the future.

On that note, if you’d like to do your part to help felines in need, I’d like to share a link to the rescue where I adopted one of my own cats. Catering to Cats and Dogs is an amazing rescue that does so much for my local community to help animals in need.

Or instead, you could also find a local rescue in your own community to donate money or items to. Every little bit does add up! This is especially true with COVID-19 going around.

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