Japanese Kitten Headband – You Must See This!

If you haven’t seen the beautiful craftsmanship of this japanese kitten headband yet, you’re really missing out!  When I first saw it, I had to find out more and really wanted to discover how the artist was able to achieve this.

japanese kitty headband

My search led me to this blog that documents the step by step process the artist used to create the headband.  I had to share this because the artist definitely deserves the credit and attention for creating such a unique and beautiful piece.

Sadly, this particular item was already auctioned off, but if you follow her blog, you can see the new items as she creates them if you’d like a chance to snag one!

She also has an Instagram I HIGHLY recommend following!  Click here to find it.

The process used is called wool felting.  If you haven’t heard of it before, I definitely recommend googling to find out more about it.  The things people can create are nothing short of amazing.

How to Make a Felted Japanese Kitten Headband

Step 1:  She carefully felted the head, adding acrylic eyeballs.  So pretty!  I really like the big blue eyes with the pale pink nose.  Notice the fine detail of the “eyeliner”.  (funny how cats always seem to have eyeliner.)japanese kitty headband

Step 2:  Carefully build up the body!  Check out those incredibly cute pink toes:  (otherwise known as kitty beans!)

japanese kitty headband



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