A Case of the Mondays, as told by a Pallas’s Cat.

Time to get ready and face traffic. Fantastic.

My boss wanted an early meeting to get a “headstart on the week.”
I’m thinking an extra hour of sleep would have been a better headstart!

My boss starts talking about his weekend spent at the beach. I spent mine cleaning and buying groceries.

Now he’s talking about how relaxing his trip was.

…and how he has a trip to the mountains scheduled for next weekend.

Speaking of, can you work next weekend?

Also, about those days off you requested… we’re going to need you that weekend too.

But it’s because we’re such big fans of your work – there’s no one else that can take your place – that’s why it has to be you!

We are very, very proud of your work ethic. Oh, look – time for my early lunch since we got this important meeting out of the way! Please make sure you finish your project before you take your own lunch. Thanks!

You’re still here?
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Credit: Inspired byImgur

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