Friday the 13th Black Cat Fun Facts and Other Cat Superstitions

Black cats have a really bad reputation, and it doesn’t help that the idea of a black cat and Friday the 13th just seem to go hand in hand, does it?  But do black cats really deserve the bad reputation that is associated with this day?  How did they get known for being so unlucky in the first place?

After all, anyone who actually owns a black cat knows they’re very lucky, and not the other way around.  

black cat friday the 13th superstition fun facts about cats

Why is a Black Cat Considered Unlucky?

The simplest way to understand why a black cat might be considered unlucky is the idea of white being ‘good’ and black portraying ‘evil’.  You can see that trend throughout various films and literature, with the characters doing misdeeds usually being portrayed wearing black, or other dark colors.

This isn’t a modern idea.  In fact, you can thank Pope Gregory IX who was alive and kicking back in 1233 AD.  He declared to the world that black cats were an incarnation of the devil himself, and caused black cats to be rounded up to be burned alive during village festivals.

If you even owned a black cat in that day and time, you could be considered a witch, which could result in both you and your cat being burned at the stake.  No wonder the townsfolk were willing to let the cats suffer in their stead.

However, the idea of black cats being unlucky continues to this very day.  In 2013, Colorado State University conducted a study that found it took longer for black cats to be adopted than cats who were not black.  It took an average of 4-6 extra days for a black cat to find a home, if they were able to find one at all.

So what can you do in celebration of Friday the 13th?  Scour your local shelters and rescues, and consider giving a black cat a safe and happy home.

LUCKY Facts about Black Cats

Instead of talking about how unlucky black cats are, especially on Friday the 13th – let’s talk about how they’re actually pretty darned lucky.

Black Cats Will Help You Find True Love

No, seriously. At least in Japan, owning a black cat is supposed to help aid you in finding true love.  I personally believe this, because if you can find a guy who is kind to animals and doesn’t believe that black cats are unlucky, I’d say you’ve found a winner!

Disease Resistance Might Be a Black Cat Plus

Research has shown that black cats might be more resistant to some diseases than other cats thanks to the genes that cause them to be black.  Not only that, their especially dark coats come in handy when hunting in the wild, since it is the perfect natural camouflage.

Another plus is that black cats are able to slink into the shadows as needed (granted, that can make them harder to find…), but when they choose to make themselves known, they’re truly a sight to behold – especially when their black fur sparkles in beautiful shades of brown and rust when the sunlight hits it at certain angles.

Who needs vitamins and body wash when you already have the perfect natural coat, right?

They Have the Best Owners

Think about it.  If you’re the type to actually own a black cat, it means you didn’t believe those silly superstitions.  You’re the kind of person who was able to appreciate their dark beauty, and you’re totally fine with the idea of them crossing your path several times a day.

We’ll talk about their fur showing up on your lighter clothing on another day.


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