Mouse Rolls Away From Cat in Incredible Video

This mouse decided it wasn’t going to sit around and play a game of cat and mouse, and literally rolled away from danger as the confused cat shakes its head back and forth wondering what the heck just happened!

mouse rolls away from cat

Watch the video for yourself below, and if you’re wondering how mice usually escape danger, here are some interesting ways they protect themselves from cats and other prey:

How Mice Protect Themselves from Cats and Other Dangers

Hide in Plain Sight – an amazing thing about mice is how they’re literally able to hide in plain sight, thanks to their natural shades of greys and browns.

There was even an article in Ani News that talked about deer mice who are able to actually change the colors of their coats from grey to brown to blend in with sandy surroundings. Neat, huh?

Bite and Scratch – Itchy and Scratchy might come to mind, but bitey and scratchy better describes mice who are trying to make a run from oncoming prey.

Their teeny little claws and teeth can do a surprising amount of damage, sometimes enough to encourage what captured them to let them go.

Plan an Escape – thanks to the excellent hearing they have, mice are able to always be on the alert and are ready to run if they hear a predator approaching. Mice even know their escape routes in advance since they take the time to learn their nearby terrain.

Run and Hide – this one is pretty obvious, but it’s the old tried and true for good reason. Although mice seem pretty quick, predators like cats are much faster–so mice take advantage of their tiny size to hide inside of a small area the predator can’t reach.

Without further ado, we present one more method that mice apparently use to escape cats:

Watch this Mouse Roll Away from a Cat:

Talk about a quick getaway! And from what I’ve heard, it’s natural for mice to roll away like this – I hope that’s actually true!


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