Mother Cat Takes Her Sick Kitten to the Hospital All by Herself

Doctors rushed to help a kitten that was brought into their hospital by none other than the mother cat herself!

Since that moment, the sweet photos of the mother cat with her kitten have gone viral on social media.

mother cat brings her sick kitten to the hospital
Twitter | ozcanmerveee

Stray Mother Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten to Animal Hospital to Be Cared For

There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love, and this mother cat proved it by bringing her sick kitten to be cared for at an animal hospital in Instanbul, Turkey.

The photos were shared on Twitter by Merve Özcan, who wrote, “Today while we were in the hospital, a cat brought her baby in her mouth to the emergency room.”

Doctors Took Care of Both the Kitten and the Mother

As the doctors rushed to help the kitten, the mother cat reportedly didn’t leave her kitten’s side. The medics checked both the kitten and the mother for any obvious health issues.

The doctors also made sure that the mother cat had milk and food, and the two cats were later put in a vet’s care. The kitten is said to be doing well, and hopefully, they both will find good homes soon.

 mother cat brings her kitten to the hospital
Twitter | ozcanmerveee

Since the photos were posted on Twitter, they have now received over 83,000 likes and more than 4.6 thousand retweets. One of the users said, “Cats know where to get help. This is heartwarming.”


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