Hilarious Cats in Boxes, and Boxes and Cats!

If there is one thing all cats seem to love universally, it has to be a box. Check out this adorable collection of incredibly silly kitties playing in and out of a wide assortment of boxes!

1. …and he was never seen again.


2. But I fit in this last season!


3. And a one, and a two, and a three…


4. I knew I could do it!


5. Keeps cats nice and fresh.


6. Wheeeeeeeeee!


7. Battle Armor or Turtle Shell. Your choice!


8. There’s another cat under me? Naaaah.


9. Got you! Got you! Got you!


10. I dare you not to smile at this cute pitter patterer. 🙂


11. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!


12. Totally normal.


13. Patrick is easily amused.


14. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…


15. I.. can.. do.. this.. I.. know.. I.. can!


16. Another tap tap tap tap tap…


17. He loves his box so much he’s petting it. Aww!


Ok, I think Grumpy Cat has had enough of this silliness.


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