Nature Photographers have the BEST Job…

Could you imagine interacting with wild animals like this on a day to day basis?  Nature Photographers have the BEST job!  I think it’d mostly be fun just to be able to observe the animals in their natural habitats and learn their behaviors.

Some nature photographers spend years following the same animal families!  Isn’t that amazing?  Let’s take a peek at some of what nature photographers experience daily.

Nature Photographers have the Best Job

1.  Peekaboo!

nature photographersThis little guy has no problem getting up close and personal!

2.  I wonder if he hid a treat inside?  Just kidding.

nature photographers

I mean, scavengers gotta scavenge.

3.  I’m sure the fox thinks this shelter is a bit overkill.

nature photographers

This makes me think about children’s playgrounds and how they have the little speakers for children to yell into.

4.  Maybe a bit TOO up close and personal.

nature photographers

Watch out behind you, lady!

5.  Can I see the pic you just took of me?  I hope you got my good side.

nature photographers

You’re going to delete that one, right?

6.  Point the camera this way.  Much better angle!

nature photographers

The ultimate viewfinder!

7.  Why aim the camera over there when you have me, huh?!

nature photographers

At least he kind of blends in with the photographer’s hair.


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