Nature Photographers have the BEST Job…

8.  Man, I want a camera buddy like this!

nature photographers

What a cute little stinker!

9.  Seriously, they MUST be stuffing treats in those things.

nature photographers

I guess that’s one way to get a close up.  😉

10.  Are you my mama?

nature photographers

Who wouldn’t want a seal blanket in the colder climes?

11.  Pssssh, hey – I’m right here.

nature photographers

Did you find my next meal yet?  Well?

12.  I hope he brought shampoo along.

nature photographers

Somehow I think this nature photographer doesn’t mind.

Ok, maybe this guy isn’t enjoying his job so much today.  😉

nature photographers

…but I can’t say the same for this one!

If you enjoyed seeing these wild animals, check out the amazing Pallas Cat, who isn’t exactly happy about his case of the Mondays.

Credit:  Imgur


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