Why Does My Cat Wave Its Paw at Me and Other Funny Cat Habits Explained

One of my cats has the silliest quirk. Whenever she approaches me, and I’m talking about 99 percent of the time, she’ll raise one paw in the air. Why does my cat stretch its paw in the air, you might ask?

I’ll explain one reason it might happen, along with a few other funny cat habits that our kitties seem to be most prone to.

a cute calico cat raises its paw against a blue background

Why Does My Cat Raise Its Paw at Me?

One reason a cat raises its paw at you might be a leftover habit from when it was just a wee kitten. When they interact with you or want food, they might raise their paw, or wave their paw, to get your attention or to grasp at what you’re holding.

Over time, the cat could develop raising their paw simply out of habit. Of course, being cats, there could be a myriad of reasons behind why they do what they do. A cat stretching their paw up at you could also be a friendly greeting.

But at the end of the day, it’s super cute how my cat waves her paw at me every single day. I definitely believe she raises her paw at me as a greeting.

Why Does My Cat Head Butt Me?

Here’s another fun one! I have an eleven-year-old cat who head butts me so hard I’m surprised I haven’t lost an eyeball yet. Headbutting, also known as head bonks, or bunting is one way a cat marks its territory.

In other words, you’re very important to them and they want to make sure any and everyone who might cross your path know that you’re already claimed.

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Why Does My Cat Raise Its Butt Up at Me?

Speaking of butts, I’m sure you’ve noticed how your cat just loves to raise their butt in the air at you, especially when you’re giving them a nice scratch. This is also known as “elevator butt.”

One reason cats do this is because they’re offering you a chance to sniff and get acquainted (gee, how nice), and another reason is because they want you to scratch them above the base of their tail.

Why Does My Cat Want My Attention During Phone Calls?

Some might notice that their cats appear out of nowhere, wanting attention during phone calls. Thing is, you might actually be encouraging this behavior. First of all, your cat has no idea that there’s another person on the phone. As far as they know, you’re talking to them.

And when they come up to you, you might start petting them without realizing it, which might make them think phone call = their human wanting them to come over.

Why Does My Cat Carry My Clothes Around?

Haha, I’ve mentioned why cats carry their owner’s clothes around before. My own cat is especially guilty of this. I’ve even woken up some mornings to find several pieces of clothing lying around, including once when a favorite sweater found its way to the cat’s water fountain.

Since this behavior is especially seen in female cats, it is believed that it might be a nesting behavior, whether the cat has been spayed or not. Your cat might also just like the way it feels to carry something around, or they might enjoy the feeling of certain textures in their mouth. Besides that, they could simply be playing.

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Why Do Cats Cover Up Their Poop?

You might think all cats will naturally cover up their poop while using a cat litter box, but that isn’t always the case. If your cat covers their poop, be happy about it. It means they’re doing what they can to avoid making a mess and have the scent carry. Most cats learn this from their mothers if the mother cat was especially fastidious about it.

But in the wild, some cats might be less reluctant to cover up their belongings. It’s their way of saying they own that space.

Why Do Cats Watch You Poop?

Wow, there’s a lot of bathroom-related cat questions in here, huh? But if you’re a cat owner, you’ve undoubtedly experienced having your cat follow you to the bathroom fairly often.

And why do cats do this? Because you’re a captive audience. You’re not going anywhere for at least a short while (depending on your gender–hey, we’re being honest here), and your cat knows it.

Why Do Cats Knead on You?

Just about every night, my male cat will find me and start kneading away, making all the kitty biscuits he can possibly muster. I believe he takes a lot of pride in his work, and he’s practiced his craft for several years now.

Why do cats knead on you? You’re going to love this. It’s because they trust you and find comfort in being near you. You’re making them remember that feeling of being safe with their mother cat.

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