Cat Caught Turning Off Owner’s Alarm Each Morning, Hilarious Video Proof!

Joaquim the kitty has some splainin’ to do!  His owner kept wondering why her alarm wasn’t going off in the mornings, and it was resulting in her running late to work.  Not good.

If the owner can’t work, the cat can’t be fed – you might want to put a little more thought into your actions, Joaquim – especially if you enjoy cat food.  And cat litter. And cat toys.  Thankfully, his owner was able to catch his hilarious hijinx on video.

Watch the Video

Cat Does Not Like the Alarm, Nope

The best part about this video is hearing the giggles in the background as they figure out what Joaquim is up to.  You can see him getting alarmed by the… ahem, alarm – and he immediately leaps into action to help save his poor owners from possible ear damage.

Speaking of ‘helpful kitties’, my own cat is trying to help me write this.  See? 🙂

kitty trying to help

Anyways, Joaquim’s owner had this to say about her adorably silly cat who just really couldn’t deal with her morning alarm.  Hopefully she’s found a solution by now that he finds a little more tolerable.

“My companion and I were arriving late to work because the phone alarm wasn’t waking us up. Recently, we have discovered that our kitty Joaquim was the one who was turning off the alarm.”

If nothing else, at least she has a fun excuse to tell her boss when she runs late in the future – the cat did it!  Just like how they do all of their other favorite naughty things.


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