Why Does Your Naughty Cat Knock Things Over?

Question of the Day! Why do cats seem to just love knocking things off of ledges? They seem especially fixated on making your most expensive or messy items tumble to the ground. Is there a method or reason for their madness?  Are they just being jerk cats, or is it something else?

cat knocking things off tables

I Didn’t Do That

You know how it goes.  You’ll be sitting back watching tv or reading a book, and you’ll notice your cat over there on top of the tv stand (because of course, he’s on top of the tv stand.)  He’ll keep looking your way while inching that paw slowly, slowly, slowly towards your favorite fragile doohickey.

This is the moment cats love to make eye contact with you.  They WANT you to see them do it.  Cats are fearless when it comes to being mischievous, and they want to see your reaction.  Okay, so maybe not – but I 100% believe my cats absolutely do these things on purpose.

After they secure eye contact – they softly slide their paw over, and BOOM CRASH, there goes your favorite keepsake that you thought would be safe if placed highly enough out of the reach of your children.  You just forgot about the cat children.

Why Do They Do It?

There are two main reasons that a cat might knock something over – one of those is the same reason they paw at their cat litter or paw around the floor.  They like to explore things with their paws since they’re hard-wired to be hunters and to hide their evidence.  They simply can’t help but to pick and play.

The second reason is all your fault.  Yep, totally your fault (at least, according to the cat).  See, you just don’t give him enough attention, or at least not enough to their catisfaction.  Mostly, your cat is just trying to get your attention, be it good or bad.

Pro-Tip:  Add a few little items that you don’t mind your cat trying to knock down, and make sure that you don’t keep anything especially fragile or messy up high where your cat might possibly reach.


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