Cats Leaping for Leap Day, Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! This day only comes around every four years, so why not celebrate leap day with leaping kittens and leaping cats?

Be careful though, since these cats might just leap into your heart if you aren’t careful. Oops. Too late.

Leap Day Cats Leap into Your …Heart?

cat floats above a couch leap day
Akimasa Harada | 500px

I mean, look at this guy. He’s totally trying to leap straight into your heart. Or into your arms. But mostly, I think this cat is just leaping to find out if you have food, or wants to attack your toes.

Cat owners know that any of the above is entirely possible!

Leap Day Cats Leap into the Sky

twin kitties leap into the sky leap day
Yura Kaprosh Yurakaprosh | Deviantart

I dunno. I still think these cats are trying to leap into your heart. I mean, they’re coming in at a great angle for that in this pic, don’t you agree? Especially that kitten on the upper left. That one is TOTALLY trying to leap into your heart.

Leap Day Cats Leap into Your Living Space

an orange and white tabby leaps in a living room leap day
Yoshiyuki Abe | 500px

I think this cat is just happy to be living life. Who wouldn’t be happy to have such a clean living room, anyway? If you have a cat like this, I imagine that it isn’t an easy thing to keep clean, but this cat’s owner seems to have it all figured out.

I wonder if I can entice this cat’s owner to visit my home for a few hours? Hey, one can dream.

Leap Day Cats Leap onto Each Other

kitty leaps from the sky on another kitty leap day
Seiji Mamiya | 500px

That cat on the bottom never saw it coming, or did it? He may very well have a counter-attack planned. Or maybe that top cat is just a jerk.

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Leap Day Cats Leap into the Horizon

cat shadow is shown against the horizon leap day
Seiji Mamiya | 500px

This cat seems to know how to pull off some serious ballet moves. Or perhaps it is reaching into the sky, full of dreams and hope… or something like that. Either way, this photo is pure magic. I give it 10 cat beans.

Leap Day Cats Leap into an Even Brighter Horizon

cat floats in the sky during the sunset leap day
Seiji Mamiya | 500px

Not to be outdone, this cat is also leaping into the horizon and is also practicing ballet moves. What’s up with that? Ok, I’ll give this one 9.5 cat beans. The positioning of this cat’s front paws and the angle of its tail is purrfectly placed.

Leap Day Cats Leap into the Grassy Field

tuxedo cat jumps in the grass leap day
Regine Heuser | 500px

There’s just something about tuxedo cats that you have to love, and this one even comes with a mustache! I wonder if you place a dandelion under its chin if you’ll find out that it likes butter?

Leap Day Cats Leap for Joy Over Bits of Paper

white kitten goes poof over a piece of paper leap day
Petros Mitropoulos | 1x

Fluffy white kitten vs a teeny piece of paper–who will win?! Look at that piece of paper. It has its arms up in the air and everything, ready to battle the ferocious floof of pureness. On a side note, can we admire those little black kitty beans for a second?

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re really big fans of cat beans here at Ittykitty.

Leap Day Cats Leap Over Saucers of Milk

kitten and milk leap day
Kimera Jam | 500px

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Everything is just so… divine. The adorable white fluffy kitten. The beautifully painted saucer. The way the milk just celebrates and applauds life, and the kitten in general.

This one gets 10+ cat beans, for sure.

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Leap Day Cats Leap for Butterflies

cat leaping to touch a butterfly leap day
Kemal Selimovic | 500px

Ok, so I had a lot of My Little Ponies when I grew up, and one of them was named Dancing Butterflies. Nostalgia aside, it looks like both the kitty and the butterfly have found a perfect dance partner in one another.

Leap Day Cats Leap into the World of Exercise

cat touches its toes leap day
Hovercat King | reddit | lolpix

This 100% looks like a cat exercising to me. How about you? This cat is totally trying to touch his toe beans, though he doesn’t look terribly excited about it. See, I told you. He MUST be exercising if he’s wearing that kind of expression.

Leap Day Cats Leap into Throwing Punches

large fluffy orange cat jumping in the grass leap day
David Charouz | 500px

I want to imagine that this kitty is pretending that he is in a boxing ring, going head to head with the top dog, but you know that the top cat is gonna win the final round. With all of that floof, I doubt the dog could even land a punch in return!

Leap Day Cats Leap into Giggles

cute orange cat leaps while covering face with paws leap day
David Anton Asenslo | Flickr

Oooooooh, this cat looks all kinds of amused! Total gigglebox of a cat, if you ask me. One can’t help but wonder what kind of mischief he plans to get himself into. That poor cat owner is never going to see it coming. Ok, so she might.

Leap Day Cats Leap into the Darkness

grey kitty leaps in the livingroom leap day
Dave Emerson | Flickr

Hello Darkness, my old friend… I’ve come to leap in you again. Your midnight shade is oh so frightening, but somehow it just keeps drawing me in. And don’t you know? It really is the perfect shade, for trouble made… the purrfect time, for kitty crimes

Kudos to you if you actually sang that in tune.

Leap Day Cats Leaps at the Sight of a Cucumber

siamese cat leaps above a bed leap day
Brandon Edwards | Flickr

To be fair, there are no cucumbers shown in this photo, but with what I know about cats and cucumbers, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there is a lone cucumber just lurking below where the photo crops off. Yeah, there’s probably a cucumber there.

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Leap Day Cats Leap into Making a Mess

kitten leaps because it got scared of water
Ben Torode | 500px

Because cats are awfully good at making messes. I think that’s just part of a cat’s charm, to be honest. I can’t quite tell who scared the other the most though- both the cat and the water looks pretty terrified.

I think this cat could use a little cat calming music specially designed for cats, don’t you think?

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Leap Day Cats Leap into the Next Dimension

skinny black cat leaps outdoors leap day
Arjun Pratap | 500px

It’s like time itself has warped to help shape this cat into an entirely new dimension! This cat is traveling to worlds yet untraveled, to leap into the unknown, to cause all sorts of kitty mischief and mayhem. Sounds about right.

Leap Day Cats Leap for the Sake of Leaping

twisty calico tabby jumps in a livingroom leap day
Akimasa Harada | Flickr

I can already hear this cat. He’s all “Hey look! LOOK! Look, mama! Did you see? Did you see me do it?” Yes, we saw you do it. Every 100 times that you’ve already done it before, we saw it. And we saw it again. And again.

Leap Day Cats Leap Over the Joy of Youth!

kitten jumps above other kittens lelap day
Akimasa Harada | Flickr

I feel like this kitten is saying, “Hey guys, let me show you this… invisible thing in the sky that I had to leap to reach,” or something like that. Or maybe he’s trying to teach the kittens how to get into trouble and cause mischief? Yeah, I think that’s the winner.

Speaking of trouble-making kittens, my own cat loves to carry my clothes around my entire home. It isn’t unusual for me to wake up in the morning and find a shirt laying around, and sometimes even in the cat water bowl. What the heck?

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Leap Day Cats Leap into… I Don’t Even Know What This Cat is Doing

cat leaps with a library in the background leap day
Akimasa Harada | Flickr

Is this cat dancing? Attempting a round-house? Did a tiny mouse scare it, perhaps? Or is it terrified of reading? The world may never know, but hey, he’s still awfully cute.

Leap Day Cats Leap into THE END.

kitty jumps and shows its rear end leap day
Akimasa Harada | 500px

Remember the cat at the very top of this list of leap day cats? This is his end, here to congratulate you on making it to the end. Good job, you! You get 100 cat beans for your effort. Well done.


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