Origami Cats So Realistic You Can Hear them Purr!

9.  If You Give Them Wings…

origami cats
Joseph Wu / Flickr

This pair is especially touching if you’ve ever lost a beloved kitty over the Rainbow Bridge in your lifetime.  If the artist was able to make each of these from a single sheet of paper, I’m especially impressed!

8.  Siamese Scramble

origami cats
Gabrixx / Flickr

Haha, the artist got the typical siamese expression down purrfectly in this origami cat!  Ok, so maybe this pose and look is pretty typical of just about any cat.  That’s just part of why we love them, right?

7.  Mighty Origami!

origami cats
Hoang Tien Quyet / Flickr

We don’t have to stick with just the household variety of felines, do we?  This origami cat is beyond majestic, and I’m really digging the color scheme!  This is entire new level of art altogether.

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