Turkish Van Cats – What You Should Know Before Getting One

Have you ever heard of Turkish van cats, or are you simply looking for more information about them before you take the plunge and invite this lovely breed into your home?  You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve made a list of the top five things most people don’t know about Turkish van cats – prepare to be amazed!

turkish van cats

Turkish Van Cats, Say What?

One trait that typical Turkish van cats seem to have is the ability to be completely aloof.  Although they look large and cuddly, they aren’t always that excited about being held.  It is much better to let them be and admire their beauty from afar.

This is especially true if you have children.  They do much better in homes that have older children.

If you choose to invite a Turkish van cat into your home, make sure that you can provide a quiet and calm atmosphere, as these cats can be rather timid.  Think of them as a purrfect centerpiece and respect their need for space.

They Love Water

Cats are well known for not exactly enjoying water in general, but this isn’t true for the Turkish van cat.  These cats were literally built for water, considering their long bodies with broad muscular shoulders and strong chests.

In other words, if you own Turkish van cats, be prepared to help them explore their love of water.  They especially love toilets and running faucets, so beware!

An Ancient Cat Breed

Turkish van cats first originated from Turkey many, many centuries ago, and are a naturally occurring breed.  Legend tells us that there was a Turkish van who was onboard Noah’s Ark, who swam his way to Lake Van near Mount Ararat.

Some say that this is the reason Turkish van cats are known to love water more than other breeds.

turkish van cats

A Rarity in the United States

Even though the Turkish van cat breed is centuries old, it has only been around in the United States since 1982.  It was incredibly popular in Europe, and it seems like that popularity has started to spread to the states.

Common Characteristics

We mentioned before that Turkish can cats aren’t exactly lap kitties, but other common characteristics include being extremely vocal, hyperactive and having coats softer than you can imagine.  Their eyes are usually blue or gold, and it isn’t uncommon for them to have odd eyes.

The Turkish van cat has a very distinctive coat pattern as well:  a solid white body except for their tail and their head, which is usually a lovely orange or ginger.

Do you love Turkish van cats, or own one for yourself?  Tell us about it or leave a comment below.


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