Poodle Cats Exist and Now Everyone Wants One

If you’ve never heard of poodle cats before, be warned: you’re going to love them and you’re going to wonder how poodle cats came to be and why a lot of people haven’t heard of them before.

poodle cats cats with fluffy curls are shown side by side

What are Poodle Cats?

The real name of these cats with curls isn’t poodle cats. The technical name for poodle cats is actually Selkirk Rex, and the first one wasn’t discovered until 1987 in Montana when a woman rescued a cat with very unusual, sheep-like fur.

That rescued cat is known as the very first poodle cat and was named “Miss DePesto” after the character on the television show “Moonlighting” who had very curly hair. The cat gave birth to several kittens, but only one of them shared the same curly hair.

The poodle cat soon garnered the attention of Jeri Newman, a Persian cat breeder, who cross-bred the curly cat with a black Persian male. The majority of the kittens born in that litter shared the curly fur, which led Newman to conclude that the gene must be dominant.

Even their whiskers are curly!

poodle cat kitten

How Much Do Poodle Cats Cost?

Because of how unique poodle cats appear, it isn’t surprising that they also come with a high price tag–you can expect to pay between $500-$800 for a Selkirk Rex. This breed comes in a wide variety of colors and hair textures.

If you ever consider getting a poodle cat, be aware of how high-maintenance their fur can be. If you don’t have the time to brush your poodle cat’s hair, you should probably consider a different breed.

You can check out a local cat rescue in your area to find a ton of sweet kitties looking for a new home, and don’t forget that the very first poodle cat was found the same way.

Poodle Cat Characteristics

The curly fur isn’t the only adorable trait that poodle cats share–they’re also known for being laid back, sweet, funny, affectionate and mellow. If you have children in your family, they should do very well with them as long as you’ve properly taught your kid how to behave around cats.

Poodle cats typically weigh around 10-16 pounds when fully grown, and they are prone to shedding a lot–so make sure you have a kitty brush and cat shampoo on hand. You also won’t want to be skimpy when it comes to cat litter, as it could get caught in their luxurious curly hair.

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