How to Get a Bengal Cat to Use the Litter Box

Owning a bengal cat can be fun, especially when it comes to having them actually use the litter box.  Many bengal cat owners end up asking themselves, “how do I get my bengal cat to use the cat litter box?” or they try to find special cat litter box furniture to help encourage their bengal cat to actually use it – such as an automatic litter box*.

We have good news!  There are both good and bad ways to go about getting your bengal cat to use the litter box, and we’ll explore both.

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Bengal Cats and Litter Boxes

Bengal cats are a hybrid cat breed, and have asian leopard cats in their lineage.  This might make them a little less prone to using a litter box than some other cat breeds, with male cats being most likely to have litter box issues than female cats.  At least, in my own experience.

What exactly can make a bengal cat less likely to use a litter box, however? Keep in mind that each cat is unique.  Not all male bengal cats will avoid using the litter box, and not all female bengal cats will be perfect about using it.

Usually there are very specific reasons why a bengal cat may be less likely to use a litter box, and there are ways you can help them learn to use one.

Why Do Some Bengal Cats Avoid Using the Litter Box

There are many reasons a bengal cat, or cats in general, might avoid using a litter box.  They may have grown up in an atmosphere that didn’t exactly help encourage it. For example, if you declaw a cat, that might make their feet very sensitive to the way the litter feels, so they’ll try to find softer areas to use the bathroom instead.

Bengal cats might also prefer having a little more privacy, so the more litter boxes available for them to use, the better.  Keep the litter boxes clean – scoop them at least once a day, and use a litter that has no scent. While you might prefer that litter has a nice, Febreeze scent, your cat might not appreciate the small so much, thanks to their sensitive noses.

How You Can Encourage Your Bengal Cat to Use the Litter Box

If your bengal cat hasn’t been using the litter box as they should, there are a few tips and tricks you can try.

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Use Unscented Litter – as we already mentioned, try switching to a litter that has no scent.  Your bengal cat might simply not like cat litter that has a scent to it.

Clean the Litter Box Often – seriously, no matter how much of a chore it might feel like, try to scoop your cat’s litter box at least once a day.  You wouldn’t want to step in your own poop, right?  Well, neither does your cat.

Make Sure Your Cat’s Tummy Feels Okay – sometimes your cat might just not feel okay.  Even cats can get gassy and experience feline flatulence.  Make sure your cat is getting regular medical care, and if they suddenly start having litter box issues when they didn’t before, that’s the first thing you’ll want to check.

Do Not Declaw Your Bengal Cat – One of the worse things you can do to a cat is to have it declawed.  This can make their paws very sensitive, and can actually cause more issues – such as biting, since they have no other means of defense.  Many declawed cats end up in the shelter for this reason.

Have More than One Litter Box – even if you have just one cat, if they’ve been reluctant to use their litter box, then try placing another litter box somewhere in your home, far away from the other one.  This can give your cat more choices, and less distance to travel when the urge hits.

Clean Your Home – if your cat has been using the bathroom in places other than their litter box, then make sure those areas have been thoroughly cleaned with a urine enzyme cleaner.  Even if you can’t smell the urine any longer doesn’t mean your cat can’t – so using an enzyme cleaner can help remove that lingering odor.

One I’ve personally had a lot of success with is BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner, if you need a suggestion.

Don’t Punish Your Cat with the Litter Box – if you catch your bengal cat urinating in a place you shouldn’t, you might be tempted to whisk them angrily away to their litter box.  Don’t do this.  The last thing you want is to have them think of their litter box as a punishment.

Good luck with getting your bengal cat to use the litter box!  If you have any additional tips or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments below to help other cat owners out.

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