Bengal Cat Facts: What You Should Know

Let me guess.  You’ve fallen in love with how very beautiful bengal cats are, and you’d love to have one for your very own.  You’re probably asking yourself, “should I get a bengal cat?” Am I right?  Well, there are a few bengal cat facts you might want to be aware of before taking the plunge!

I admit that most of these will only persuade you that you’ve made the right decision.  I’m probably a little biased since I happen to own one of these silly little beasts, and don’t regret it one bit.  Ok, so maybe I regret it when he wakes me up by power yodeling at the top of his lungs around 3am each morning.  But I digress…

Bengal Cat Facts

Bengal Cats Are Very Intelligent…  and Not Very Intelligent.

bengal cat facts

This can obviously differ from cat to cat, and I’ve actually owned one of each when it comes to bengals.  One was the smartest cat I’ve owned in my life…  when the other (featured in most of these photos) isn’t quite as intelligent.

That’s ok though since he makes up for it in cuteness, and makes me laugh on a daily basis! Like how he seems to think he can magically get to the bottom of this glass of water.

They Are Very Proud of their Poop.  Seriously.

when my cat has to poop

Oh my god.  Don’t get me started on the poopy proudness.  Yeah, that’s actually a thing.  Whenever my cat has to poop, he takes it to the extremes.  He prances around meowing at the top of his lungs to proclaim his need to poo, then he loudly sings while he’s producing said poop, and then he blasts off around the entire house in excitement that he was able to pull off this majestic feat.

I’m not even joking.  My cat is seriously cray-cray about his poop-pay.  (I bet you didn’t expect to see that in an article about bengal cat facts.)

Bengals Are Very, Extremely Hyperactive.  At Times.

bengal cat facts

This is seriously an understatement.  Your bengal cat will get the zoomies over pretty much anything, and will poof at nothing.  Of course they’re just like any typical cat and will sleep a million hours a day, but in between?  Super extreme poof running mode.  Trust.

They Really and Truly Love Water

bengal cat facts

Most cats aren’t known for their love of water, but bengals aren’t one of them!  You’ll be doing your bengal cat a huge favor if you get them a water fountain to play with.  Not only will it help encourage them to drink plenty of fresh, filtered water – it will help keep them away from your toilets and faucets.

Don’t be surprised if your bengal cat tries to join you when you’re taking a shower or bath.  I’ve even filled my tub with a small amount of water and placed a few toys inside for my cat to play with.  If you try this yourself, be careful not to leave your cat unsupervised.  They can be pretty clumsy, after all.


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