9 Odd Things Cat Owners Do That You’re Probably Guilty Of

Listen up, cat owners, myself included. I think we’ve all been guilty of at least some of the things on this list of odd things that cat owners do.

Some of us are guilty of everything on this list, but I promise we won’t tell. Some cat owners just really love our cats, okay?

a person has to pee but their cat wont move off their belly

1. When You Have to Pee But Your Cat is Sleeping on You and OMG So Cute

You’re sitting there peacefully reading or watching your favorite show, and your cat is resting on your lap, conveniently right on top of your bladder. You’ve been fine for the past 30 minutes, but then the urge hits.

You really have to pee, but gosh, your cat is adorable. She’s sure to move within the next ten minutes anyway on her own, right? Maybe? But you hope she doesn’t. But you hope she does.

2. Speaking in a High-Pitched Kitty Voice Because You Know They Like That

Actually, do cats really like it? Do cats really care? Or do they just associate you making that voice with giving them attention, kind of like how cats mostly respond to their own names because of food more than anything else.

3. Calling Your Cat By Every Name Except Their Real Name

I guess it’s a good thing that cats care about their name for mostly food reasons since we call them by all sorts of other names anyway. I’m definitely guilty of this one. My cat’s name is Yuki, and I usually call her “Yookers”, “Yuki-dooki” and “Yuki-ooki”, among others.

Maybe that’s the real reason cats don’t care so much about their given names? I’m going to stick with them not caring because cats really love food.

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4. Tripping On Your Cat or Having Your Cat Trip You

Let’s be honest here. There is definitely some mutual tripping going on. What I don’t understand is how a cat will run across your path at breakneck speed, especially at night when your vision isn’t quite as good as theirs.

They should know better than to do something that could result in them getting seriously squished, you’d think. Good thing they have nine lives, I guess.

5. Trying to Hold Your Cat’s Hand… Er, Paw

You know how it goes. You’re gazing adoringly into your kitty’s emerald eyeballs and that paw is just lying there begging to be held. Those adorable kitty beans must be touched.

Too bad your kitty doesn’t hold the same sentiment, and will just as often deny you the opportunity.

6. Stepping on Cat Litter in the Middle of the Night, or Worse

An unfortunate reality of owning a cat is having to deal with cat litter. It gets everywhere we don’t want it to be, even when we properly use cat litter mats and special cat litter boxes.

Confession: I’ve even found it on my desk, which is beyond gross. I tell myself my cat just really loves me enough to come to visit, but can’t she wipe her paws first?

7. Holding Up Your Kitty to a Mirror to See if They Recognize Themselves

Even if you think your kitty is the prettiest kitty in the entire world, and you want to show them that–they already know without you needing to provide evidence. They just know it.

The only way your cat is going to care about looking in the mirror is if you rub something smelly on it.

8. Stealth-Walking Through Your Home When It’s Dark at Night

You never know where a kitty might be laying, rolling over or appearing out of nowhere, so you tip-toe, edging your foot out in front of you to make sure you don’t accidentally step in a pile of kitty belly.

Why is it that cats seem to have no sense of danger when our feet approach?

9. You Rub Your Cat’s Belly Anyway, Even When You Know It’s a Trap

You’re innocently walking the hallway or into the kitchen, and splat. There’s your cat suddenly in front of you on the floor, laying on her back with that cute little belly just begging you to rub it.

You know it’s a trap. You do. But… THAT BELLY THOUGH. You’re going to rub it and tempt fate because you know it’s worth the price of admission.

The things we do for our cats, right?


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