Cat Meows “Well, Hi” in a Cute Southern Accent

If you never knew that a cat could have an accent, much less a southern one, we’ve now got proof!  This adorable kitty was caught on video saying, “Well, hi!” in a charming southern accent to his owner.

As the owner adorably coins it, it is the cutest ‘meowdy’ ever!

 adorable orange cat looking towards the camera while sitting on the kitchen floor
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Can Cats Have an Accent?

If you watch the video below, you might wonder…  can cats really have an accent?  That’s exactly what a group of phonetic specialists in Sweden set out to do.  Susanne Schötz, an associate professor of phonetics at Lund University told Newsweek the follow:

“We want to find out if cats from different regions have different accents.  It seems that cats and their human companions together develop some kind of unique ‘pidgin language’ in their vocal communication, and it is not impossible that some of the accent or dialect features of the human speech is included in the vocal signals of the cats as well.”

Earlier tests have already shown that cats, especially when recorded near the area they’re fed, typically use a certain meow that has a tonal rise at the end.  Cats in other situations, like when they’re sitting in a vet’s office, tend to use meows that have a fall near the end, which is very much like how humans punctuate their emotions into the things they say.

There are also the sounds that jerk cats like to make, but we won’t talk about them.  Okay, so they’re actually really cute, in a jerk cat kind of way.

Susanne is also the author of The Secret Language of Cats: How to Understand Your Cat for a Better, Happier Relationship if you want to find out more about the purpose of the various sounds that cats make.

Adorable Orange Cat Meows “Well Hi” in Southern Accent

Here is the cat meowing “Well, hi!” to his owner that is sure to make you want to say ‘Well, hi!” right back to him!  I’m sure I’ve played this video at least 97 times today alone. If your cats have the ability to mimic human sounds, tell us about it in the comments below.

So, are you grinning from ear to ear after hearing that?  If you didn’t quite catch it the first time, you’ll definitely want to play it again.  And again.  And again.

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