Bengal Cat Facts: What You Should Know

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Bengal Cats Love to Hear Their Own Voice

bengal cat facts

This is a simple fact of life when you become a proud bengal cat owner.  Thing is, they’re even more proud that you own them than you are!  They will meow often, over just about anything.  They don’t just meow, they actually have a very wide variety of different sounds that you don’t typically hear other cats make.

These can range from growls to mrrrrups, to full on belting of the kitty blues!  Oh, and they’re certainly big time whiners when they don’t get their way.  If they’re upset about something, you’re going to know about it.

They Will Stalk You Ninja Cat Style

bengal cat facts

Fact it.  You’re going to be your bengal’s favorite playmate if you have no other targets…  I mean, pets around.  You’ll be finding your way to the bathroom late at night, half asleep when – BAM.  Cat outta nowhere!  In your face!  The good news is that after you’ve accidentally kicked and stepped on them a few times they learn to adjust.

Or maybe that isn’t such good news, since they still find ways to stalk you when you least expect it.  They’re just a little smarter about it.

They Will Also Stalk Your Other Pets

bengal cat facts

If you’re going to invite a bengal cat into your family, know that your other pets might need a little time to adjust to their best new pal.  At least, that’s what your bengal is going to see themselves as, whether your other pet likes it or not.

They will harass and tease until the prior tenants give in and admit that bengal cat buddies are absolutely the best ever.

If They Can Chew on It, They’re Gonna Chew On It

bengal cat facts

I admit this is true of non-bengal cats as well.  My little old grey cat is also a serious chewer and will leave no plastic bags unscathed.  Where my bengal boy differs is that he is an equal opportunity chewer.  And licker.  He will chew and lick on the oddest things, like the metal on the stairs and will crunch on cardboard boxes as seen in the image above.

Chewers gotta chew, I guess.

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