Top Summer Cat Dangers That Owners Should Be Aware Of

More Summer Cat Dangers

Heat Traps

Cats seriously love to lay in the sun, and will find their ways into areas that aren’t all that safe if they stay there for too long.  Heat seeking missiles, indeed!

Keep any entrances to especially hot areas closed at all times when not in use, and if you need to take your cat for a trip in the car – do NOT leave them unattended for any reason.  Cars overheat far more quickly than you might imagine!

Dirty Water

A lot of us like to set up pools and other water toys for our children to play with, but be careful about letting the water get stagnant for too long.  If it develops algae or becomes exposed to any toxins, this can cause your pets to become seriously ill.

You should also make sure that your cat will be able to easily escape any deeper water that they might fall into.

 Access to Water

On that note, also make sure that your cat has access to fresh, clean water at all times.  Hotter weather can lead to dehydration very quickly if your pet isn’t able to drink enough liquids.

Like mentioned before, make sure that any water left out doesn’t get a chance to stagnate.  This can be a huge summer cat danger.

Fish Hooks

If you live anywhere near a fishing location, know that fish hooks can be a danger to your pets.  They can swallow them – which presents two dangers, one being the sharpness of the hook, and the other being the fishing line that might still be attached.

If you suspect that your cat swallowed a foreign object, get them to your vet immediately.  Time is crucial in this circumstance.

If you notice that your cat has a fishing line, or any type of string in general lodged in their mouth, be careful not to pull it.  This can cause damage to their insides if they’ve swallowed a long enough length.

Again, get your cat to the vet immediately in this situation.


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