The Story of Titan, the Tiny Kitten Who Lived

A Fragile Start…

In fact, once when the kitten tried to move, he dislocated his two front legs! The girl who found him wondered if she wasn’t doing the right thing by trying to keep him alive.

But finally, on Day 8, she woke up at 3am to hearing the tiny kitten meowing.
tiny kitten

She was confused at first because she didn’t know if the tiny kitten was dying or meowing in pain as he’d never made a sound before. It turns out that he was simply hungry! When she started to syringe feed him formula, he started howling for more. 🙂 He grabbed the syringe with both of his teeny tiny feet and ate with more enthusiasm that she’d ever seen.

After that moment, she said he meowed for food every moment that he was awake. Gosh. Look at his sweet face!

They spent the next two weeks barely sleeping and often forgetting to eat just to make sure this sweet guy was taken care of, and to give him the very best chance of surviving.

tiny kitten

Around this time, they finally realized that Titan was actually a little lady! When she opened her eyes, it was the most amazing feeling. She was still very underweight and underdeveloped, but was so full of life and always wanting food and attention.

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