How Long Do Kittens Nurse and Other Feeding Questions

How Much Should I Feed a Kitten?

Kittens need about 8 mls of formula for each ounce of their body weight each day.  That means if a kitten weighs 5 ounces, they should eat 40 mls of formula throughout the day – so divide the daily feedings by the proper mls to know how much you should feed them at each time.

How Often Should I Feed a Kitten?

How often you feed a kitten depends on the age of the kitten.  If they’re less than a week old, you should feed them every 2-3 hours.  When they’ve reached two weeks, you can extend the time to every 4-6 hours.  Keep in mind that the kitten’s tummy after feeding shouldn’t be hard or distended – just nicely round.

If the kitten is larger or smaller than average, keep that in mind while feeding.  Smaller kittens will obviously be ok with a bit less, while larger kittens may need a bit more.

After Feeding a Kitten

When the kitten is nice and full, it is important to burp them just like you would a human baby.  This is actually quite sweet!  Just lay them on your shoulder or on their stomach and gently pat their back until you hear their tiny burp.  The kitten might need to burp more than once per feeding.

You will also need to make sure that the kitten is properly pooping.  That means that after each feeding, you need to take a soft cloth, paper towel or cotton ball (soft being the key word!) and gently rub the kitten’s bottom.  This will usually cause them to eliminate after about a minute, and they’ll need your help to clean up afterwards.

How Long Do Kittens Nurse?

The question “how long do kittens nurse” can sometimes differ.  Generally, kittens will continue to nurse until they’re about 3 ½ to 4 weeks of age.  At this time, you can start trying to feed them formula from a spoon instead of from a bottle.  This will help teach them to properly lap their food and will make it easier to start introducing solids.

After they’ve got the hang of lapping milk, start adding small amounts of a high quality canned kitten food.  Until you’re sure they’re eating enough canned food on their own, continue bottle feeding in between.  Again, make sure they aren’t eating so much that their bellies get hard or distended.

How Long Do Kittens Nurse

When the kitten is eating more solid foods on a normal basis, start making sure that they have fresh water available at all times.  This is important to help ensure that they’re staying well hydrated after they are no longer being bottle fed.  You can add small bits of the powdered formula to help entice them to try water for the first time if they seem reluctant.

Happy and Healthy!

By the time all is said and done, you should have happy and healthy kittens who will be ready for new homes around the age of 8 weeks.  This is also a prime time to consider having them spayed and neutered, along with their first vaccinations.

You can now sit back and admire your work, as you’ve helped ensure that the kittens were able to get the best start in life.  Absolutely a win-win situation!


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