I Wish I Were A Nature Photographer

Because they obviously have the best job EVER.  Could you imagine interacting with wild animals like this on a day to day basis?  I think it’d mostly be fun just to be able to observe the animals in their natural habitats and learn their behaviors.  Some photographers spend years following the same animal families!  Amazing.

1.  Peekaboo!


2.  I wonder if he hid a treat inside?  Just kidding.


3.  I’m sure the fox thinks this shelter is a bit overkill.


4.  Maybe a bit TOO up close and personal.


5.  Can I see the pic you just took of me?  I hope you got my good side.


6.  Point the camera this way.  Much better angle!


7.  Why aim the camera over there when you have me, huh?!


8.  Man, I want a camera buddy like this!


9.  Seriously, they MUST be stuffing treats in those things.


10.  Are you my mama?


11.  Pssssh, hey – I’m right here.


12.  I hope he brought shampoo along.


Ok, maybe this guy isn’t enjoying his job so much today.  😉


Credit:  Imgur


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