Meet the most Famous Internet Cats!

Every once in a while, a cat with some unique quality becomes internet famous!  Here are a few of my favorites, with links on how to find and follow them for yourself!

Tard the Grumpy Cat
First up is Tard, best known as Grumpy Cat.  Who couldn’t love this face??

Venus, the Two Faced Cat
Second, we have Venus – the cat with two faces split right down the middle.  Wow!

Spangles, the Cross Eyed Cat
Next up is Spangles!  I imagine he gets out of all sorts of trouble when he points those peepers at people.  🙂

Snoopy, the Cutest Cat EVER.
Seriously, have you SEEN a cat cuter than this?  Seriously?!

Maru, the Box King
And now we have Maru, lover of all things box related.  Be sure to check out his Youtube videos too!

Colonel Meow
Last, but not least is Colonel Meow… a personal favorite of mine.  I was very sad when I learned that he passed away recently, but his legacy lives on!  Rest well, little guy.  :/

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